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MVP Skulboy's "ROAD CLOSED" Custom Stamped DETOUR (5/5/-2/1) MISPRINTS

MVP Skulboy's "ROAD CLOSED" Custom Stamped DETOUR (5/5/-2/1) MISPRINTS

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MVP Neutron James Conrad DETOUR Disc Golf Mid-range MISPRINTS featuring a Custom Stamp design from Skulboy. * Design has been stamped multiple times on each disc.

Skulboy's "ROAD CLOSED"

You round the bend and as an uneasy feeling hits, you see the sign,"ROAD CLOSED." You reluctantly follow the arrow and take the precarious Detour path while noticing a strange glow in the near distance. Then you are upon it! The Winged Creature Monolith beckons as you are transfixed by the Flaming Disc Golf Basket in its gaping mouth...  luckily, you brought along some discs.


Speed 5  Glide 5  Turn -2  Fade 1 

LIMIT 4 per person!     Thank You.

(if you order 5 or more, your order will be refunded and the discs added back into the inventory.)


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