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MVP Landon Brooks GLITCH Hybrid (1/7/0/0)

MVP Landon Brooks GLITCH Hybrid (1/7/0/0)

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MVP Soft Neutron GLITCH Putter/Catch Disc Hybrid.
Skulboy designed Official MVP Team Series Stamp for Landon Brooks, PDGA #83848.

I met Landon back in 2018 at Gyropalooza and he has been tearing up the Junior and Amateur divisions ever since! We tried to cram in as many of Landon's favorite things in this "Landolorian" stamp as we could and it has been very popular during his amazing 2023 Disc Golf season.

This hybrid taking the Disc Golf World by storm is simply the straightest disc I've ever thrown and the glide is incredible. Wether you're playing catch to warm up before a round, throwing laser beam approach shots or driving from the teebox on short holes, the GLITCH is sure to find a spot in your bag!

Speed 1  Glide 7  Turn 0  Fade 0

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